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Medical face mask exports enjoy sharp recovery

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Vietnam shipped 989 million medical face masks of various types abroad during the opening nine months of the year, according to statistics compiled by the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Most notably, September alone witnessed over 70 major local firms ship medical face masks oversea, with total export volume of the items reaching approximately 143 million units, representing a slight increase of 5.5% compared to August.

After the export of the items suffered a decline from their peak of 236 million in June to 154 million and 135 million in July and August, respectively, exports to several major countries have started to enjoy a recovery.

Indeed, exports to markets that have begun to bring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic under control look to be picking up once again.

Several domestic enterprises have therefore accelerated their export of face masks since the enforcement of Government resolution No. 60 that permits firms to export an unlimited quantity of face masks.

Furthermore, other companies have shifted their investments to focus on machinery and equipment, or to increase their export of face masks, serving to create a “fever” to produce the product.

Moreover, a number of businesses believe that the market has become gradually saturated, with demand for the product now lower than previously due to supply sources significantly rising.

Source: VOV/ CustomsNews

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