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Secure and easy to move around, this durable travel crate is at the top of our list

  1. Iris Travel Cages:
  • Size XS: 700.000VND
  • Size S: 1.050.000VND
  • Size M: 1.450.000VND
  • Size L: 2.950.000VND

2) Common cages:

  • Size S:50*33*33cm , weight 1.7kg
  • Size M:60*40*40cm , weight 2.8kg:
  • Size L:70*51*48cm , weight 3.7kg: 1.600.000VND
  • Size XL:80*58*60cm , weight 5.7kg (has wheels): 1.980.000VND
  • Size 2XL:100*68*75cm , weight 12.4kg (has wheels) : 3.550.000VND


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