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HCM City Customs revises 300 export-import enterprises to support

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VCN- On June 23, Department of HCM City Customs signed guidelines for Head of divisions and offices to create favorable conditions for the 300 enterprises in export and import activities.

HCM Customs officers check imported alcohol.

The Department of HCM City Customs assigned Division of Risk Management to coordinate with Consulting Division and Customs control team and revise the list of 300 enterprises to analyze, evaluate and apply management principles in accordance with current regulations. Limit “red and yellow channel” at the lowest level if the customs authorities can not detect violations of the 300 businesses.
Also, Department of HCM City Customs assigned the Smuggling Investigation and Prevention Department to check the executing of the customs legislation of the 300 enterprises to provide information to Division of Risk Management and Division of Post-Clearance Inspection handled under direction of the Department of HCM City Customs.

The customs branches are responsible for directing the operational teams in the process of exporting and importing of 300 businesses (attached list) and facilitate for the customs clearance, save cargo handling charges as much as possible. When encountering obstacles in the jurisdiction, the customs branches shall promptly report it to the Head of the department and the leaders of Department of HCM City Customs to review and direct (if it’s beyond their competence).

In the process of collecting, analyzing and processing information, Division of Post-Clearance Inspection only decided to check when detecting irregularities of enterprises, affecting general policy, the state budget. Division of Post-Clearance Inspection shall not issue post-clearance several times for a certain product if they can not detect violations.

On May 8, 2016, Department of HCM City Customs held a conference to providing information about customs legislation (new laws become effective from September 1, 2016) for 300 enterprises and the professional associations of the city, Union trade facilitation in Vietnam (USAID-VCCI), Organizations of business services ports, airports, courier, ICD, etc.

By Le Thu/ Hoang Anh
Source: CustomsNews

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