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Moving pets presents special challenges, especially if you are moving internationally. As the matter can be a complex issue, we can provide you assistance and will help you in the collection of the proper documentation to help make the transporting of your pet a less stressful experience.

 Traveling Specialist:

-Worldwide and nationwide door-to-door service
-International and domestic flight reservation
-Outbound and inbound customs clearance
-Document arrangement i.e. health certificate, permit, blood test, microchip, etc.
-Supply of IATA-approved kennels with various sizes
-Pet travel insurance

Kennel Checklist:

Travel kennel being used must meet IATA Live Animal Regulations.
A = From the tip of the nose to the root of the tail
B = From the ground to the elbow joint
C = The width of the pet at the widest point
D = From the ground to the tip of the ears or the top of the head, whichever is higher (ears must not touch the top of the kennel in the animal’s natural standing position).

Minimum Kennel Dimensions:
Length = A + 1/2 B
Width = C x 2
Height = D

Sizes Dimensions (LxWxH) Pet’s Weight
Small 22″ x 17″ x 16″ Under 9 kg.
Medium 27″ x 22″ x 20″ 10-30 kg.
Intermediate 32″ x 23″ x 23″ 10-30 kg.
Large 36″ x 25″ x 26″ 10-30 kg.
XL 40″ x 27″ x 30″ Up to 45 kg.
Giant 48″ x 32″ x 35″ Up to 45 kg.

The Logical (Pet) Moves Checklist takes you through the process step by step.

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